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Homes are on the larger side for San Mateo. Like so much of San Mateo, Aragon was once the property of one person, in this case, Tobin Clark.

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Homes are on the larger side for San Mateo. Like so much of San Mateo, Aragon was once the property of one person, in this case, Tobin Clark. The development would continue past World War II, but the bulk of Aragon real estate was completed between 1930 and 1940. The neighborhood quickly became a San Mate favorite. Homes tend to have a lot of character and a historic feel.


Excellent schools-Baywood Elementary, Borel Middle, Aragon High. Baywood was the name of John Parrott's 377-acre estate, purchased for $%30,000 on February 1, 1860. Parrott named his land after the Bay tress he found on the property. In 1927, the estate was purchased with the intent to subdivide. The first 445 lots offered for sale by D.A. "Doc" Raybould, who would later be instrumental in developing the east side of San Mateo, ranged in price from $3,150 to $4,250.

Baywood Knolls

Baywood Knolls real estate reflects the thinking of the late 1940s and 1950s contemporary, clean; homes are less romantic than the Tudors and Mediterraneans found across Alameda de las Pulgas. The Baywood Knolls are was originally part of the Polhemus Estate, owned by one of San Mateo's founding families. Baywood Knolls homes can have as many as five bedrooms, though most have three or four. Most have multiple baths and more than 2,000 square feet of living space.

San Mateo Village

The neighborhood's location, convenience, and inventory of well-preserved, updated,mid-market mid-century homes have made it a favored destination for first-time and mid-level buyers, as well as downsizing empty nester, and is considered an excellent "starter" home neighborhood. Increased popularity has meant rising prices for San Mateo Village real estate. Homes for sale now cluster around a small range of prices, selling almost exclusively recently for between $1.3 and $1.6 million.

San Mateo Park

Has a rich and historic feel, with elegant, wooded traffic roundabouts originally create for horses. Originally part of the Howard Estate, San Mateo Park's 400 acres were employed for dairy farming and cattle by Tobin Clark when slated for subdivision. The street was platted in 1903 by McLaren, George Howard, and Davenport Bromfield, who later build one of the first homes in the neighborhood, on Occidental Avenue, at a cost of $18,000.Diverse styles of homes with a mix of classical architectural styles, including Tudor, Craftsman, Colonial, and Spanish.

Fiesta Gardens

Its neat, wide streets are lined with post-war ranch homes, simple three-bedroom single-story homes built in the 1960s on 5,000 square-foot lots. Once Leslie Salt property, Fiesta Gardens sits across Highway 92 from 19th Avenue Park and is just north of the large development at the former Bay Meadows Racetrack. What is unique about Fiesta Garden's 1,200-1,600 square-foot homes is the condition in which they're kept. Like a condominium complex, Fiesta Gardens has a strong homeowners' association some might say a "legendary" HOA.
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