Buyer’s Guide

A snapshot of everything you need to know before purchasing a home

Buying a home is often a stressful experience. With the overview below and Maryann Ernst’s ability to smooth the process, your anxiety will surely melt away. Thanks to Maryann Ernst’s know-how, connections, and drive, the buying process can be easier than ever!


Choosing us

With many buyers trapped in a cycle of making offers and getting rejected, working with our team saves a great deal of time and hassle. Often, buyers average 5 or more offers before getting an acceptance, while a quarter of first-time buyers are stuck making upwards of 10 offers. Maryann Ernst’s buyers on the other hand are sailing smoothly—her buyers average on 2 or fewer offers before getting an acceptance. Even better, her deep insight into market trends ensures that when you do make an offer, it is at a competitive yet fair price. Helping all of this is her connectivity to market and pre-market inventory, thanks to her extensive broker and personal networks. That way, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a dream home to show up on the public market. Maryann will set you up within her Top Agent Network so you will see off market homes as soon as she does. In addition, Maryann extensively reaches out to her sphere of top realtors to find homes for her clients before they even hit TAN.

The Buying Process

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Everything to know about touring homes

In order to get the most out of touring, there are several things to keep in mind. One way to make sure you’re evaluating a home to the best of your ability is by considering what work you might be willing to get done to improve the home, such as through painting, new flooring, remodeling, or minor structural alterations. It’s also a good time to think about how the furniture and lifestyle you’re looking to bring into the home will function in that particular home.

Each of the touring options also comes with its own set of differences. Touring on Sunday open houses might mean touring separately, but you will be able to compare notes afterward and you will typically give your real estate agent’s card to the home seller. Broker’s tours are great if your schedule can swing them. Every Tuesday on the Peninsula, new home listings are exclusively available to agents and their clients. Finally, showings by appointment can be a streamlined and efficient way to see homes as well.


Buying overview

Once you’ve found a home that you’re looking to purchase, there are several things to go over before committing. Reviewing with your agent the most recent comparable sales and current market conditions and trends helps to decide what fair market value is, and what you’d be willing to offer. Be sure you know the condition of the plumbing, electrical system, and roof; it’s possible they might need repairs, which could affect the type of offer you make. Check for signs of dampness or drainage as these are complicated, expensive problems to fix. As a general rule of thumb, be on the lookout for any legal issues that might arise such as an existing tenant, expansion rules and regulations, and check to see if any improvements and additions were done with a permit? If not, a home inspector can help you quantify the risks or the costs of remediation. Lastly, if you’ve decided on a condominium, it’s helpful to know the monthly homeowner fees, upcoming assessments, and restrictions regarding pets, working at home, and future rental opportunities.

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