San Carlos

Larger lots than most in San Carlos, and more house for your dollar than in the flats closer to Laurel Ave. Prior to development, Alder Manor was open space.

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Alder Manor

Larger lots than most in San Carlos, and more house for your dollar than in the flats closer to Laurel Ave. Prior to development, Alder Manor was open space. As late as 1960, when small-scale subdividing was already common on "lower". Alder Manor streets like De Anza Avenue, the western portions of the district were populated by a few ranches and the occasional weekend cabin. Great hiking and walking trails within a few minutes at Eaton Park and Big Canyon Park.

Clearfield Park

The most affordable homes in San Carlos. Also in Clearfield Park's past: the Greater San Francisco Speedway, a 1.25-mile oval racetrack built in 1921. As many as 40,000 fans packed the speedway's stand before it burned to the ground on June 6, 1922, after only holding only four races.

Beverly Terrace

Homes in Beverly Terrace have a wide variety of architecture, including century-old cabins, humble pre-war ranch-style homes, mid-1960s traditional. And everything ranging up to sprawling, brand-new mini-mansions. 1872, Brittan, then a member of the Bohemian Club (and later club president), built an octagonal "party house" at 125 Dale Avenue, in what is now Beverly Terrace, after a failed attempt at building a club lodge at Elizabeth and Orange Streets in Howard Park.

Howard Park

Howard Park counters with walking access to Caltrain, unsurpassed Halloween and Christmas celebrations on Eucalyptus Avenue, and the city's best-known public green space, Burton Park. Howard Park is one of San Carlo's original neighborhoods, part of early growth efforts by the San Carlos Park Syndicate and Frederick "The Father of San Carlos" Drake. The city's first schoolhouse was in Howard Park, completed in 1918. Howard Park real estate is defined by quiet, tree-lined residential streets lined with a mixture of English, Mediterranean, and Arts & Crafts Bungalows.

White Oaks

White Oaks real estate is comprised of street after street of bungalows built mostly between 1920 and 1950, with a sprinkling of new newer homes at the neighborhood's western edge and a collection of larger residences at this southern border. As hard as it is to believe now, at one point times were so tough that struggling developers actually gave away White Oaks lots for free. Depression-era economics and a perception that White Oaks was too far from San Carlo's city center combined to create a scenario in which builders offered lots to anyone able to pay the annual property taxes. When that enticement proved not enough, they cut lots in half to ease the tax burden.


Close to downtown yet more affordable than nearby Howard Park and White Oaks. Originally part of Timothy Guy Phelps' 3,500-acre estate, Cordes includes San Carlos' oldest developed neighborhood. The streets near downtown were part of the San Carlos Park Syndicate's early 20th-century efforts at creating 'another Hillsborough." Homes are assigned to highly rated Carlmont High School in Belmont.
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